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Born out of collaboration with developer Elan Mordoch and his desire to maintain design integrity while efficiently cultivating the usable area in a narrow property lot, the Woodbridge12 condominiums are thoroughly modern in their seamless synthesis of form and function. Located behind a copse of trees on the corner of Whitsett & Woodbridge in the residential neighborhood of Studio City, this project features 12 unique two bed/two bath units in a four-story structure with subterranean parking.

Additional Credits: John Linden (photography)

Reminiscent of a Mondrian painting, the exterior is composed of simple geometry crosshatched against Swisspearl cement panels, rich Parklex, stucco and natural wood balcony screenings. The choice of materials signify another of our overarching tenants in its aspiration toward sustainability – Parklex is PEFC certified (sustainable forest maintenance) and the Swisspearl paneling forms a maintenance-free, ventilated rain-screen while also improving the building’s overall insulation. Woodbridge12 was the first multi-family development in Southern California to feature Swisspearl.

The individual units range in size between 1,300 and 1,800 square feet. Each was designed to maximize natural light and ventilation throughout the entirety of the space, and all contain high floor to ceiling glass and intuitively natural open floor plans. First-floor residencies have the largest outdoor area with landscaped patios giving way to private yards, while those on the upper floors have access to personal balconies and roof decks. Every consideration was made to integrate nature to the fullest extent possible, regardless of position within the building’s layout.

Completed in 2010, we approached this project clearly and with no expectations, allowing the realities of the space, environmental standards, and commercial ambitions dictate the designs. The resulting realization of Woodbridge12 is a testament to this process of intent.